Webinar on Illegal faith conversions

Global Sikh Council (GSC) monitor and track the sociopolitical challenges faced by Sikh Community all over the world. Sikh faith does not interfere with any other faith, as our core belief is in One Creator who is for the entire humanity. At the same time, GSC is extremely concerned about the recent incidents and news about Sikhs’ being exploited for conversions to Christianity.

GSC invites the leaders and activists working on the ground for a webinar to discuss this burning topic. We need a collaborative action plan and focused campaign against illegal and immoral conversions.

The deadline for submitting speaker names for Webinar is February 11, 2022. The proposed time and date for this Webinar is 26th Feb 2022, 6:30 PM IST, Saturday.

E-mail your expression of interest to join the webinar: info @globalsikhcouncil.org

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