Punjab Education Health & Empowerment Lehar

Sikhs in Punjab are being lured by other faith leaders, especially Christianity to their faith and the number of Sikhs in Punjab, their percentage of population in Punjab is drastically dwindling. It has become a matter of big concern for the Sikh Community in Punjab and world over. The most important lures are, help with free education, free medical help, and other financial help. In some cases help with home repairs etc. Of course, other lures like false promises and miracles are in addition to the ones mention earlier.

In an effort to address this situation Global Sikh Council has initiated a Sikhi Parsaar project in Punjab to provide such services and encourage the local Gurduara Managements to hire qualified Bhai Sahibs and Parcharaks to help educate the local population in Sikhi Values.    

PEHEL project address the situation.

Part of the project is;

  1. Personally approach the population that is about to convert and provide education, guidance and possibly some financial assistance.
  2. Help with marriages expenses for the daughters of poor families who are unable to afford it themselves. 
  3. Provide skill-based training to make the population earning members of the society. 
  4. Provide guidance in applying for the available Government aids. 
  5. Educate youth and the adults in humanitarian (Sikhi) values.
  6. Address the other needs to help them be financially self-sufficient. 

The committee leading the effort in Punjab is:

Wing Comm. Rajinder Singh, Sayed Simar Singh, S. Nirmal Singh. S. Gurinder Singh, Dr. Kanwaljit Kaur.