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About Global Sikh Council

In 2014, a few international Sikh organizations across the world decided to form an umbrella organization for Global Sikh voice. Thus came the existence of the Global Sikh Council (GSC).

GSC is a non-political independent organization that believes in Sikh tenets and beliefs under the guidance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It does not interfere or affect any policies of its member organizations joined from various countries. GSC intends to provide a global platform to form synergy so that social, economic, and religious efforts done by our various member organizations reach globally. GSC from time to time does comment on situations and or issues related to Sikhs worldwide.

To address the needs of the Global Sikh community, currently, GSC is engaged with services that include- Global level Gurmukhi classes, Sikhi (Gurbani Classes), Jeevan Jaach classes, Gurbani Discussion groups, Question and Answer platform, sessions that include listening to Sikhi related concerns are among the few. 

Since its inception, many organizations have joined and more new organizations are joining GSC as they learn more about it and its services. We encourage all to join hands with GSC for strengthening the collective Voice of Sikhs Globally.

Global Sikh Council is an umbrella organization of Sikh organizations from around the world. Our member organizations map the world and represent the Sikhs worldwide.

Our mission is to provide a global platform and voice to the issues of the community.

Our vision is to share the philosophy of ‘Guru Nanak’ and believe in the universality of humanity.

We promote the Sikh principles and advocate the equality of humanity, Love and tolerance for all, and unity in diversity.


Constitution and By-Laws – English – Updated Oct 2021

GSC Code of Conduct

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