PEHEL – Latest News


Punjab Education Health & Empowerment Lehar

Here you will find the latest news on the efforts by Global Sikh Council through its PEHEL project in Punjab.Part of the project is;

  1. Personally approach the population that is about to convert and provide education, guidance and possibly some financial assistance.
  2. Provide free tuition to the students and guide them to achieve their fullest potential.
  3. Provide Moral education and help inculcate moral (Sikhi) values.
  4. Provide self-defense training specially to girls.
  5. Help with marriages expenses for the daughters of poor families who are unable to afford it themselves. 
  6. Provide skill-based training to make the unskilled population as earning members of the society. 
  7. Provide guidance in applying for the available Government aids. 
  8. Educate youth and the adults in humanitarian (Sikhi) values.
  9. Address other needs to help them be financially become self-sufficient. 

The committee leading the effort in Punjab is:
Gurinder Singh (Amritsar), Amarjit Singh (Sukrit, Ludhiana), S. Manna Singh (Khabay Dogran, Distt. Tarn Taran) , S. Jaspal Singh (Kad Gill, Distt.Taran Taran), Wing. Comm. Rajinder Singh (Jallandhar), S. Nirmal Singh (Sur Singh, Distt. Taran Taran).