Killing of Sikhs in Kabul – 26th March, 2020

Global Sikh Council condemns the heinous attack on the Sikh community at the Gurduara Har Rai Sahib in Kabul on March 25, 2020. GSC strongly demands that the perpetrators of this crime and the forces behind the attacks be brought to justice and appropriately punished. There is no room for such cowardliness in any civilized society, and all political and religious leaders should come together in condemning this and take bold steps to keep communities safe. GSC appeals to the Afghan Government to take the strictest action, allowed by law, to punish the perpetrators and the forces behind this atrocious crime. GSC further appeals to the Afghan Government to further assure the safety of the minority Sikh population of Afghanistan perhaps by providing security at each Gurduara. It may include providing the Gurduara Management and members with means to safeguard their own safety. Such an incident indicates a lack of education among the perpetrators. GSC further humbly requests the Afghan Government to emphasize the message of brotherhood of entire mankind, regardless of their faith, to its citizens. This needs to be a special program so the community refrains from eliminating each other. GSC has learned from various news sources that at least 25 have been killed and 8 injured.

GSC members, in various countries, have received messages of condolences from various interfaith groups, especially local Muslim organizations in their respective countries, condemning this attack. GSC is moved and encouraged by such loving messages. These messages convey to the whole world that those responsible, directly or indirectly, for this inhuman act are despised by everyone who hears about it. GSC request everyone to please learn from all such incidents and realize that we have a long way to go in teaching brotherhood of humanity, the message of “One Creator, one human family” to the entire population.

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