Sikhi Renaissance

Summary of Discussion, Friday, January 14, 2022

Main topics covered in today’s meeting are as follows:

  1. It has been long noticed that one meeting time for the representatives from nations worldwide is very inconvenient for at least half of the population. Now that the operations have commenced, it is possible to break up the team into two parts (Regions) based on time zones so that the meeting times for each zone can be set to a time convenient for everyone involved in their time zones.

The two Regions are:

  1. Eastern Region: UAE and all the countries to the east all the way to New Zealand. It includes UAE, India, Malaysia, Singapore Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand etc.

The Coordinator for this region would be Bibi Mandeep Kaur Ji of Dubai. 

  • Western Region: Europe, Africa and the west till the Americas. It includes all the countries in that geographic region.

The Coordinator for this Region will be S. Sadhu Singh Ji of Chicago, IL, US.

Each Region will set its own time for meetings and continue their operations with communicating with each other on the main points.

S. Amritpal Singh Ji of UK is assigned the responsibility of communications between the two regions.

Gulbarg Singh, at least initially, will continue to attend meetings in both the regions as a participant, till needed.

  • The Second point covered was the Observations on why are the Sikhs, (worldwide) going away from Sikhi. The 13 points listed earlier were shared. Some discussion pursued.

The conversion from Sikhi to Christianity came up more than once. Gulbarg Singh clarified that Sikhi to Christianity conversion was being discussed in a separate team that meets on Thursdays. Anyone interested in volunteering for that part of the Sikhi Renaissance project is requested to contact Gulbarg Singh and will gladly be added to that project.

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