Sikhi Renaissance

Friday, November 5, 2021

Main topic was to learn from the past efforts that were stared but did not fully succeed.

No one truly knew any such effort, so no one could talk about specifics on any such effort.

But some very important points were brought up.

  1. The contents must be interesting to logical and scientific mind. Must address why it is important for the person to follow Sikhi. What is the benefit to them?
  2. The media used must able to attract attention. Possibly on Netflicks etc.

Short and simple.

  • Educate parent on investing quality time with their children if they wish to retain them.
  • Lack of funding can suffocate the any project.(e.g. Vismaad Studios)
  • There must be good Advertisement of the efforts. Make it well known among the Public.

Name recognition big part of the confidence building.

  • Content to be educational and quality Gurmat Giyan. (not just adulterated Sikh history)
  • The contents must address the level of intended audience. May need multiple sets, one for each age group. (Australia has created targeted contents.)
  • A quality Control/advice team to help other organization producing contents.
  • Good set of resources for sustainability. A team project, not a one man show.

The next item discussed was the name for this effort. Brief discussion suggested the name to be  Sikhi Renaissance, with slogan, “ਆਓ ਇਕ ਦੂਜੇ ਦੀ ਸੁਣੀਏਂ ॥ “. The team will continue to further improve the thought to make it more attractive.

The meeting adjourned after the comment that the team need to define roles / responsibilities / qualifications of the Coordinator, Councilor, and the Sikhi Scholar beyond:

Coordinator: To arrange for the call, spread the word about the call through local media, and all other means available. Make sure at least one Councilor and least one Sikhi Scholar is available for each session. These people do not have to be local. At time coordinator might need to find a substitute in case the regular one is not available on some days. 

Councilor: Attend all the meetings they can. Be a listener, and provide council as needed. Coordinate, with the team so team is working well. Help get the word out so anyone with questions know where to call.

Sikhi Scholar: Attend all the meetings they can. Bea listener, and provide Gurbani based answers as needed. Coordinate, with the team so team is working well. Help get the word out so anyone with questions know where to call. Then assign resources to each session planned from the available team and recruit additional where needed.  

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