Sikhi Renaissance

Friday, October 22, 2021

Following were shared:

For information of the team members and everyone else, Sikhi Renaissance is one of the Global Sikh Council Projects. The objective of this project to generate interest of the audience into Sikhi. The audience will include Sikhs who need to clarify their understanding of Sikhi as well as the individuals who are interested to learn about Sikhi.

The Project will have two parts to it:

  1. Developing a network of Sikh organizations that are serving Sikhi causes with the objective to generate synergy. The organizations will need to be vetted on the criteria that their main objective is to serve Sikhi purely based on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Philosophy and no other motive or philosophy. These organizations will need to be classified in to groups based on the service they provide.

Please see below how this list will be used.

  • The group will hold listening sessions with audience in general with the objective to clarify their understanding of the Gurbani.
    • The sessions will be conducted using one of the platforms from among the available options like Zoom, Webinar, freeconferencecall etc., This will be decided within this week.

Action Item: Each team members, if applicable, based on your experience, please suggest a most suitable for this objective.

  • The session will be conducted at days and time convenient to local audience.

e.g. In Islamic Countries it may be of Thursdays evening or Fridays, in India most likely Saturday evenings, In US Canada on Sundays. Etc. and so one. Let each country/time Zone select most suitable time for their audience.

Action Item: Each team member, please suggest a time suitable for your location and audience.

  • Group, minimum of three,  of session coordinators, councilors, Sikhi scholars attend these sessions to listen the concerns of the audience and then provide  Gurbani based advise / solutions where possible. There may be questions whose answers need some research and may be postponed till next week.

Action Item: Each Team member, please volunteers for one of the suggested times for the Listening sessions. Also if you would like to be the coordinator, councilor, Sikhi Scholar among the listening team.

  • Each Coordinator, Councilor, Sikhi Scholar will be provided a list of resources , the organizations selected in step 1) above. These will be used as available resources where needed to help the audiences at the Sessions.
  • A word of caution was shared. There have been such efforts initiated earlier but they failed. The team members were charged with the responsibility to seek out the reasons for their failures and hence develop contingency plans. It was mentioned that the technology available today may resolve most of those issues.
  • A question about selection criteria for Coordinators, Councilors, and Sikhi Scholars was shared. The qualifications for the Sikhi Scholars were discussed that they need to be best communicators of the Sikhi philosophy. They need not ne researchers, just public School / College teachers or public speakers would be just right.

(Not discussed during the session was qualifications for the coordinator, and councilors. It is expected to be discussed at the next meeting.)

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