Sikh Wisdom website reaches a Milestone

Sikh Wisdom and Global Sikh Council are pleased to announce a milestone of a joint project that reached over 1000 questions on its website

Four months of its operations with a dedicated team of Sikh Scholars has attracted a record number of unique visitors asking any and all questions related to Sikhi.

Sikh Wisdom also includes a Perspectives page, where the visitor can dive into Sikhi philosophy at a more spiritual and personal level. The platform also includes a Kids Zone and a Question of The Day page.

Thanking the audience worldwide Mr Amritpal Singh Sachdeva stated that the visitors not only included Sikhs but from non-Panjabi and diverse backgrounds from over 20 countries. The visitors from the countries such as Panama and Mexico didn’t even know English and were using the Language translators.
The Sikhi Scholars team of the Global Sikh Council has been prompt in answering all your question in a timely manner. All the answers provided by the Global Sikh Council scholars are based on the Gurbani enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib, Mr Amritpal added.
The speed with which this site became known among the Global Sikh community is an example in itself. It is amazing that starting with just one or two a day, now the number of visitors have increased to almost two hundred a day.
Please keep spreading the word so more people can benefit from the service. The platform is available on all devices at or you can download the Sikh Wisdom app on both Android and iOS devices.
It is our pleasure to serve the Global Sikh Community in helping them enhance their understanding of Sikhi, Sikhs, its rich culture and heritage.

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