The Global Sikh Council (GSC) is concerned about the confusing reports emerging in the media

Global Sikhi Scholar, a platform by Global Sikh Council, is pleased to inform you that GSC is organizing a seminar/Webinar regarding ‘THE CONVERSION OF SIKHS INTO OTHER RELIGIONS’ which also will be available later on GSC’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

-WHY? – Global Sikh Council is deeply concerned about the allured conversions of Sikhs mainly in Punjab and its vicinity. The main objective of this seminar would be to throw some light on this important issue for Sikh Scholars and intellectuals worldwide.

-WHO? – We cordially invite all the Sikh Intellectuals/Scholars to volunteer and share their opinions on the above-mentioned ‘most ignored’ subject so far. Respected Sikhi intellectuals/Scholars are encouraged to share their valuable opinions and the causes and solutions that can reverse such conversions. Guidelines regarding the same will be published on the and announced along with the LINK.

WHEN? – 11 AUGUST 2022

First Session: 2:30 PM India Time. This session is intended for countries from Europe to New Zealand.
Second Sessions: 8:00 PM India Time. This session is intended for countries from the US to India.
The rest of the Community members can calculate their local time from this reference point.


Interested volunteers may kindly visit the official website i.e.,, scroll down just below half page and you will find the place to register to share your views at the event.

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