Press Release – June 19, 2022

The Global Sikh Council (GSC) is concerned about the confusing reports emerging in the media

GSC strongly condemns the illegal demolition of houses of Sikhs and Langar Hall of Gurdwara in Gagan Manoharpur village Moradabad UP.

In a country where crores of people are undernourished and struggle for a single meal in a day, Gurdwaras are doing what every ideal government should have been doing. It is very strange that the authorities instead of supporting the philanthropic cause of the Sikh community members living in Gagan Manoharpur village, near Moradabad UP for more than 50 years have not only demolished the houses of some Sikh families but also the Langar Hall of the Gurdwara. This not only reflects the utter insensitiveness of the officials but also demonstrates their hate towards minorities.

On one hand, we hear stories of gruesome terrorist attacks on Gurdwaras in Afghanistan, and on the other Gurdwaras are demolished in India. 

GSC strongly condemns it and demands inquiry and strict actions against the responsible officials. At the same time, proper compensation should be given to all the affected families so that they can rebuild their homes and Gurdwara. Justice is important to ensure that Sikhs feel safe in India.

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