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Given the current COVID19 pandemic that is impacting much of the world, the Global Sikh Council continues to urge everyone to take greater precautions at these times. GSC had earlier appealed to all Gurdwara managements to scale up precautionary measures at each of the Gurdwara.

Looking at the severity of this global crisis, GSC is further urging all Gurdwara managements to work closely with the local authorities to find the best possible ways to help the community in this hour of need.

One of the key pillars of Sikh faith is SEWA and Gurdwara’s have always been a place of refuge and help and this time of crisis should be no different. Sewa performed at Gurdwara is ever intended for the welfare of society and GSC strongly urges Gurdwara management all over the world to come forward and play this critical role.

GSC is encouraging, where possible, Gurdwaras to be used as a shelter for patients, makeshift hospitals. Meal services for patients and their families, langar services for medicines, and delivery of langar and other supplies to the needy and old people be actively organized and taken up by the gurdwara management committees with the help of sewadars in consultation with local authorities.

It is during such challenging times that we need each other the most and GSC is confident that these challenging times will pass and we will come out of this with more strength and faith in each other and love and care for fellow human beings will ultimately triumph.

Global Sikh Council condemns the heinous attack on the Sikh community at the Gurduara Har Rai Sahib in Kabul on March 25, 2020. GSC strongly demands that the perpetrators of this crime and the forces behind the attacks be brought to justice and appropriately punished. There is no room for such cowardliness in any civilized society, and all political and religious leaders should come together in condemning this and take bold steps to keep communities safe. GSC appeals to the Afghan Government to take the strictest action, allowed by law, to punish the perpetrators and the forces behind this atrocious crime. GSC further appeals to the Afghan Government to further assure the safety of the minority Sikh population of Afghanistan perhaps by providing security at each Gurduara. It may include providing the Gurduara Management and members with means to safeguard their own safety. Such an incident indicates a lack of education among the perpetrators. GSC further humbly requests the Afghan Government to emphasize the message of brotherhood of entire mankind, regardless of their faith, to its citizens. This needs to be a special program so the community refrains from eliminating each other. GSC has learned from various news sources that at least 25 have been killed and 8 injured.

GSC members, in various countries, have received messages of condolences from various interfaith groups, especially local Muslim organizations in their respective countries, condemning this attack. GSC is moved and encouraged by such loving messages. These messages convey to the whole world that those responsible, directly or indirectly, for this inhuman act are despised by everyone who hears about it. GSC request everyone to please learn from all such incidents and realize that we have a long way to go in teaching brotherhood of humanity, the message of “One Creator, one human family” to the entire population.

GSC reaches out to Mata Jai Kaur School, finds it unapologetic about Laxmi Ustati, CHANDIGARH, Oct 27 — As the Sikh outrage spread over social media after a video showing young Sikh schoolchildren performing Laxmi Vandana in class went viral, the Global Sikh Council reached out to the institution’s management but found them completely unapologetic about the act.
“Delhi’s Mata Jai Kaur Public School vice-chairperson Rasna Singh sought to undermine legitimate Sikh concerns as acts of politics,” GSC president Gurpreet Singh said in a statement after a telephone conversation with her.
“Mrs Singh, unfortunately, drew comparisons with Sikh children taking part in dramas and plays.
She refused to comprehend Sikh sensitivities when the community sees their young generation being made to participate in acts that seek to contaminate distinct Sikh ideology.”
The GSC president informed the media that the Sikh community epitomises egalitarianism and stands out in the world for its universal ideology.
“It goes without saying that there’s full respect for all traditions. But there’s a marked difference
between integration and assimilation. A Sikh minority institution in Delhi, which attracts Sikh
students for a reason, appears to have chosen the assimilation path at the ideological level,” Gurpreet Singh noted.
He suggested community elders, especially the Dharam Prachar wing of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara
Committee, should hold counseling sessions with Mata Jai Kaur School’s management and encourage them not to preach anything to impressionable minds that deviate them from their core Sikh ideology.
“Maybe Mrs. Singh and other members of the management be imparted free classes in Sikh history and thought. Let them know, no convent school in Delhi or elsewhere, which command unparalleled standards, would ever make their wards hold diyas (Oil lamps) in their hands to perform deity worshiping. Let’s get over this syndrome of appeasing authority by pretending to be more loyal than the king,” the GSC president remarked.
Whereas GSC Vice President Mrs. Harpreet Kaur said “simply Religious sanctity cannot be
transformed into “Scripts, Plays and or Acts” in school functions. This is as good as undermining the Sikh Ethos and this issue has to be carefully investigated by the appropriate authorities to find why such a sacrilegious Act has taken place”.

For GSC Secretary, Gurdeep Singh Kundan, “Inter faith co existence in a Secular society
accompanied with “Respect and Tolerance” is must for all faith leaders and Mainstream Religions to practice and not only provide ‘lip sympathy’ on Inter faith Platforms”.
G.S. Kundan further added that “Sikh Intelligentsia, Sikh NGOs and all Panthic Organizations should come forward on One Platform and find solutions to cleanse step by step non Sikh rituals practiced at various Sikh Educational, and Religious Institutes. This issue is of great concern and GSC can play a lead role in organizing such an Event in near future”.

Global Sikh Council (GSC) is deeply saddened to hear that Deputy Mr. Sandeep Singh
Dhaliwal was shot dead while on patrol. The killing of the trailblazing sheriff’s deputy in
Houston on September 27th, 2019 has shocked the entire Sikh community.
Dhaliwal who had joined the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in 2008 became the first Deputy
to wear a Dastar (Sikh Turban) while on patrol.
GSC offers its deepest condolences and sympathies to the Dhaliwal family.
Mr. Dhaliwal will be cremated at a local funeral home later Wednesday afternoon, in
Houston according to Sikh tradition. The cremation service will be for family and members
of the sheriff’s office, and final prayers will be said afterward at the Sikh National Center,
Houston, TX.
On Wednesday, we request the entire community to offer prayers (Ardas) for the departed
soul and give strength to the family to bear this tremendous loss.

To commemorate the 550th birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak (1469), the first Guru of Sikhs, a historic Christian- Sikh Dialogue was organized by the World Council of Churches at Geneva on 5th July 2019.

The dialogue focused on the theme of “Pursuing Peace in a Pluralistic World”. The event brought about 40 Religious leaders, scholars and independent activists from both Christian and Sikh faith.

The dialogue focused on a holistic understanding of Nanak’s philosophy of universal brotherhood, equality for all and nurturing of Mother Earth.

The Sikhs pledged to work for youth, women empowerment and environmental protection.

The WCC General Secretary Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit expressed his joy at the initiation of this dialogue, as this marked the first formal bilateral dialogue with the Sikh community.

“This is an important year in the Sikh Calendar as it marks the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak,” Tveit said. “Therefore initiating formal encounter between Christian and Sikhs during this year is a special way of commemorating the life and work of Guru Nanak. The Head of Akal Takht Gyani Harpreet Singh sent greetings and support to everyone on this historic event.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh and Gurdeep Singh Kundan expressed their gratefulness to Bishop Miguel Ayuso Guixot and Dr. Peniel Rajkumar who gave their unflinching support in organizing the first Sikh Christian dialogue in Switzerland.

The Global Sikh Council (GSC) condemns the decision of politically appointed ‘Jathedhars’ to exonerate Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh of Dera Sacha Sauda for religious transgression. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is guilty of causing offence to Sikhs by impersonating as Guru Gobind Singh ji. Politically appointed ‘Jathedhars’, have no authority to dictate or act on behalf of the wider Sikh community. All Sikhs should be aware that the SGPC, which appoints ‘Jathedhars’, was created by the British government to manage the financial affairs of the historic Sikh gurdwaras and nothing more. The composition of the SGPC is based on political allegiances and not on a commitment to follow the Guru’s teachings. Over the years, especially after 1947, the SGPC has been dominated by political groups and is being used to further the personal interests of local politicians. During this time, it has arbitrarily, created figures of supposed authority over Sikhs worldwide, like the ‘Jathedhar’ of the Akal Takht, and the absurdity of supposed ‘Sikh High Priests’. Arrogantly, one ‘Jathedhar’ of the Akal Takht on a visit to the UK, demanded to be introduced as ‘the Pope of the Sikhs’. The GSC urges all Sikhs to condemn the capricious decision of the ‘Jathedhars’ to exonerate Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and further urges Sikhs worldwide, to support the GSC in its aim of ensuring sound panthic decisions which are predicated on the teachings of the Gurus and not on questionable political allegiances.