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GSC provides support and runs various projects and programs for the benefit of Sikhi and Sikhs worldwide. Our aim is to promote and support the Sikh way of life, share and care for our fellow human beings.


Gurbani Sanjh: Held every Sunday at 9:00 AM EST USA & Canada;

PROJECT: Sikh Renaissance:

Team Meeting held Every Friday.

Vision: To make  all Sikhs, Sikh Youth and the rest of the humanity aware of Sikhi.

Mission: To achieve the Vision through collaboration of local units who are educated in Sikhi themselves.


  1. To recognize the current efforts toward this Mission and complement where needed.
  2. Where needed, develop local units aware of Sikhi Principles that can practice Sikhi themselves and share their knowledge with other Sikhs in the community.
  3. Where needed, Develop Sikh knowledgeable Speakers who can share their knowledge within and outside Sikh Community.
  4. Where needed, Develop materials on Sikhi, in suitable media of interest to the Youth.

Provide a platform where Sikhs , especially youth can ask questions and the Sikh scholars can respond to their questions based on Gurbani.

The project is headed & Presented by

Gulbarg Singh Basi

List of Members in Sikhi Renaissance Group

Balwinder Singh Sagar. Mohali
Bibek Singh, India
Brijinder Singh Randhawa India
Brijinder Singh Randhawa, US
Chetandeep Singh , California
Christian Van Gordon, US
Col. Parminder Singh, Mohali
Damanpreet Kaur, India
Devinder Singh Chahal, Canada
Devinder Singh Gujral
Dr. Baljit Singh Bagga, UK
Dr. Jagjit Singh, CANADA
Ek Ong Kaar, Sikhnet, US
Gagandeep Kaur, India
Gian S Sandhu, Canada
Gulbarg Singh Basi, US
Gurpreet Singh GP, Bahrain
Gurpreet Singh Kapoor, New Delhi
Gurpreet Singh, Kenya
Gurpreet Singh, Ludhiana
Hacharan Singh, Malaysia
Harbans Singh Kandola, Canada
Harpreet Kaur, New Delhi
Harpreet Singh Shah, Noida, India
Jasbir Singh Chawla, Chandigarh
Jaspreet Kaur Khalsa, New Delhi
Kanwal Jit Singh Bakshi, New Zealand
Mandeep Kaur, Dubai
Maninder Kaur, Dubai
Narinderpal Singh Bhalla, Australia
Paramdeep Kaur, India
Parampreet Singh, Ireland
Paul Surmai, Canada
Preetdeep Singh, UK
Prof Balwant Singh Dhillon, Canada
Rajinder Singh Bhasin, UK
Ramneet Kaur, US
Randeep Singh, EKAMSIKH, India
Sadhu Singh Rikhiraj, Chicago US
Sarabjit Singh, Bombay
SukhMandir Singh , SanFrancisco, US
Surjit Singh Kamra, US
Tarlochan Singh, New Delhi
Vindri Kaur Suri, New Delhi

Group Meeting Minutes

  • Sikhi Renaissance
    Friday, November 5, 2021 Main topic was to learn from the past efforts that were stared but did not fully succeed. No one truly knew any such effort, so no one could talk about specifics on any such effort. But some very important points were brought up. The contents must be interesting to logical and … Read more
  • Sikhi Renaissance
    Friday, October 29, 2021 Following were shared: The first of the two agenda items about developing a Network of Sikh organizations was discussed after the setting of Listening Sessions. Second part about holding session in each country was discussed and results are as follows. Desired media for holding these listening sessions is not yet determined. … Read more
  • Sikhi Renaissance
    Friday, October 22, 2021 Following were shared: For information of the team members and everyone else, Sikhi Renaissance is one of the Global Sikh Council Projects. The objective of this project to generate interest of the audience into Sikhi. The audience will include Sikhs who need to clarify their understanding of Sikhi as well as … Read more
  • Sikhi Renaissance
    Friday, October 15, 2021 Following were shared: A good number of efforts (Online and In Gurduara Sikhi classes, Sikhi Camps, recorded Sikhi materials, Sikh Wisdom.org, EKAMSIKH.org and others) are in process to propagate Sikhi and GSC should help expand their efforts. Develop some sort of Network of all such to create synergy. Fulfill the need … Read more
  • Sikhi Renaissance
    Friday, October 8, 2021 The group refined point 3 of last week’s discussion. Also revisited Gaps and the prosed actions. Our next step is to precisely define the project. The team will start that process next week. Rest of the stuff here is a continuation of the note from previous meetings. NOTE: PLEASE COME PREPARED … Read more
  • Sikhi Renaissance
    Friday, October 1, 2021 The discussion today was to focus on the Gaps identified as a result of the observations however it went back and forth between observations, gaps, and approach. Of course, lack of appropriate home environment and absence of good opportunities to learn values at the Gurduara Sahibs is brought up in multiple … Read more
  • Sikhi Renaissance
    Friday, September 10, 2021 The group name was changed form Sikhi Fundamentals for you to Sikhi Renaissance. The discussion today focused on the Gaps identified as a result of the observations. Last part of the discussion focused on defining Sikhi, (What Team plans to promote) and desired Sikhi home environment. This needed to be defined … Read more