Open letter to the PM (India)

Open letter to the PM India

GSC welcomes the repeal of the three farm laws

Global Sikh Council (GSC) welcomes the repeal of the farming laws by the Indian Parliament on November 29, 2021. These laws from day one, have been referred to as “Black Laws” by the stakeholders (Indian farmers). We hope that very soon all of the remaining demands of the farmers will also be agreed by the government of India.
A strong and resolute resolve by the farming community in India led by the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) has seen one of the largest agitations in the modern history of mankind. We salute the leadership and resolve shown by the peaceful protesters and supporters around the world. Farmers of India have demonstrated the Gurbani message to always stand for the truthful values of life.
होइ किरसाण ईमान जमाइ लै किसत दोजि मूड़े एव जाणी ॥ (गुरु नानि, गुरू ग्रंथ साकहब, Page 24)
Global Sikh Council persuades that Government of India to accept all the remaining demands of the farmers, including the legalization of MSP on 23 crops. Farmers’ representative must be part of every committee before taking any decision that has impact on their life. Reversal of 3 laws is a good start but it’s just a correction of an old mistake. Real reforms would come through MSP legalization which will ensure distribution of wealth and help reduce inequality of income in India and help grow our economy.
We would further urge the government to take notice of all the farmers that died at the borders of New Delhi and acknowledge them for their great sacrifices. GSC requests PMO to provide minimum of one crore of compensation to the families along with a job to one of their family members. This would help the devastated families and promote good will towards the government of India.

Lawmakers of India must ensure that culprits do not go unpunished in the killings of peaceful protesting farmers in Lakhimpur Khiri road rage violence. All the cases filed against protesting farmers in various states should also be withdrawn immediately and unconditionally.
Global Sikh Council continues to support any positive and rational decisions by the government of India that are committed to the welfare and development of the farmers of India.

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