How to reverse exodus of Sikhs from Sikhi

Global Sikh Council

How to reverse exodus of Sikhs from Sikhi (IN PUNJAB)

The news of Sikhs converting to Christianity and other faiths at an alarming rate in Punjab was very concerning and the community raised the issue with Global Sikh Council. 

Global Sikh Council initiated its efforts and organized a Seminar on this subject. It was held in two sessions on August 11, 2022.

Sikhi Scholars and intellectuals from world over were invited to participate in the Seminar. Some twenty individuals from various parts of the world presented their views and suggested various ways to address the situation.

The views of the Scholars were collected and organized and ordered by the ease of implementation. Included below is the list of proposed solutions.

    • Assign a team of workers in Punjab starting with single Project Director and slowly build the team as needed.
    • Make a list of Do’s and Don’ts.
    • Develop clear message of Gurbani (based on SGGS and nothing else)
    • Relate to the venerable, develop friendships with them.
    • Provide literature on Sikhi specially emphasizing Sikhi Values (equality, humility, honesty, Seva, continued learning/improvement, etc.)
    • Make Gurduaras to be education Centers (moral / spiritual and formal, equality)
    • Provide psychological (Counselling) support
    • Provide uplifting experiences
    • Help fulfil fundamental needs of the needy.
    • Develop a network of organizations providing free services, or at discounted rates and provide appropriate reference to the needy.
    • Open small education Centers in villages / individual homes. Celebrate equality.
    • Provide Free Education, scholarships,  free medical and financial help etc.
    • Provide Employable Skill training (Use govt, of Punjab programs where possible)
    • Provide help with finding job, etc.
    • Opening of Sikh schools giving free education to the needy in the villages affected by/vulnerable to conversion.
    • Preach consistent message of Gurbani (SGGS) by educated Parcharaks (GSC)
    • Implement Equality in Gurduaras
    • Work with Punjab Govt. for quality higher education.
    • Improve the standard of education at Khalsa Schools. Encourage SGPC, DSGMC, etc.
    • Develop Sikh Missionaries in thousands



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