GSC By-Laws

Approved in AGM held on 3rd September 2022

General Body Members present:

Amritpal Singh Sachdeva (UK), Mandeep Kaur (Dubai), Sadhu Singh Rikhiraj (USA), Gurpreet Singh GP (Bahrain), Charanjit Singh Dhanjal (Switzerland), Balwinder Singh Sagar (India), Gulbarg Singh Basi (USA), Gurdeep Singh Kundan (Switzerland), Dr Kala Singh (Canada), Balbir Singh Sachdeva (Thailand), Kiran Kaur (Pakistan)



  1. Vision:

To be the voice of Sikhs across the world.

  1. Mission:

To achieve the vision through collaboration of Sikh organizations and individuals.


  1. Goals:

To serve Sikhs worldwide through a global body of Sikh organizations and Individuals with no interference in the internal functioning of member organizations.

  1. Objectives:


  1. To globally promote the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and have faith in Khanday Batay Di Pahul.
  2. To represent views of Sikh community on global issues developed through collaboration.
  3. To support, advocate and provide a platform to connect the global Sikhs.
  4. To bring out positioning statements on the issues concerning the Sikh community.


  1. Registered Offices:


  1. The Global Sikh Council (GSC) will have the registered office in the United States of America.
  2. Member organizations may have their own representative office with independent names.


  1. Membership:


  1. Membership is open to all Sikh organizations satisfying the following criteria.
  2. All organizations and individuals associated with the Global Sikh Council should declare their loyalty exclusively to the teachings of the ten Gurus and Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  3. Whose membership is open to all Sikhs and Sikh Organizations.
  • Organization must be managed by their local membership.
  1. Any organization managed or owned by an individual or a limited group of individuals shall be ineligible to become a member.
  2. All applications will be submitted to Secretary of the GSC EC. The Executive Committee shall forward it to the Board of Directors their consideration at the next meeting.
  3. In case there are more than one Sikh organizations in any one country that qualify, all can become members but can nominate only two representatives to the general body except provided otherwise in the Constitution (By-Laws).


  1. Membership Fee:

Must be ready to contribute minimum of $20 US annually to a GSC project financially or otherwise.


  1. The applicant organization shall become a member after their application is approved by the board of directors (BOD). The Board may reject any application which they feel does not meet the objectives and criteria without stating reasons. The decision of the BOD shall be final.


  1. Member responsibilities:
    1. Keep a minimum balance, equal to their initial fee, in their account earmarked for GSC activities in their countries.
    2. Pay for project expenses in their countries.
  • Contribute towards the GSC common expenses as their share of expenses as decided by the Executive Committee.


  1. General Body (GB):


  1. The general body shall consist of TWO (2) representatives per member country, nominated by the member organizations of that country. Except India, which may have four representatives, two from Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K and two from rest of India. Each representative will have one vote.


  1. All decisions should preferably be unanimous or approved by at least 75% of voting representatives.
  2. General Body meetings:
  3. The Annual General Body meeting shall, preferably be face to face, and held in March each year. Notice will be given 3 months in advance.
  4. The annual meeting shall be held in a different country each year if possible.
  • The representatives present at the meeting shall constitute the quorum. Representatives may also join by technology.
  1. Additional General Body (GB) meetings may also be held after a minimum of two weeks’ notice (considering online meeting schedule). The quorum for such meeting shall be 1/3 of the total representatives.
  2. The host country shall bear the expenses of hosting the meeting.
  3. The representatives travelling to the meeting shall arrange for their own travel expenses possibly via their national organizations.
  • All decisions should preferably be unanimous in the spirit of consensus, or approved by at least 2/3rd of the representative present at the meeting
  1. The General Body shall select a Board of Directors as per the process described under the section Board of Directors.
  2. The general body has right to dismiss any Board member by the majority (greater than 80% vote).


  1. Board of Directors (BOD):


  1. The Board of Directors (BOD) shall consist of a minimum of ten (10) maximum of thirty (30) members. Not more than one member of the BOD shall be from any one country.
  2. The term of service for each person selected to serve on the BOD shall be three years
  3. Once selected, a member shall normally complete his/her term of service as BOD member provided that they abide by the rules of constitution of GSC.
  4. No member may serve on the BOD for more than two consecutive terms. In special case wherever an alternative candidate who has worked in a GSC committee is not available in a particular country, the Board may make an exception to this rule for up to two additional terms, on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Each year one third (1/3) of the members who complete their term shall retire from the BOD and up to ten (10) members shall be selected to replace them.

The Board will have the authority to take the decision on the retirement for the years 2022, 2023.

  1. The selection process shall be as follows.
    1. The Secretary shall request for nominations to the Board for the upcoming year through each member representative of the General Body at least two months is advance). A deadline shall be set for being nominated of each member country. The nominee must be from a country not already represented on the Board for the upcoming year. The nominating country representative must ensure that the person being recommended, meets the criteria provided to Screening Committee.


  1. The complete list of nominations received shall be sent out to all members of the General Body with a set deadline to select up to ten of the nominees for appointment to the BOD. Nominee’s knowledge of Gurbani is among the considerations for selection.


  • The BOD shall appoint the top up to ten nominees selected by the majority of members. The remaining nominees shall be held in reserve, in their order of majority selection, to fill casual vacancies that may arise.
  1. Casual vacancies shall be filled by the Board by selecting the next person in the list above
  1. Board shall hold at least one meeting each quarter.
  2. Quorum for the Board meeting will be at least 33% of the current Board Members.
  3. Any Board member, absent from three consecutive Board meetings, without a reasonable explanation, will be assumed to have resigned and will be replaced by the next one in the list above. After the Board misses two consecutive meetings, the secretary will inform the member that they have missed two meeting and in case they miss the third meeting they would be assumed to have resigned.
  4. Responsibilities of the BOD:
    1. Defining the policies, procedures, scope, constraints, timeframes, resources for the implementation of the General Body directives and ad-hoc projects.
    2. BOD shall select eight (8) individuals from among its membership to serve on the Executive Committee (EC) for the upcoming year. In case no one in the Board is ready to take on certain responsibility of some post on the EC, at the recommendation of the President, Board may appoint someone from the general Body Members for that post.
  • Board shall appoint a three (3) member from its membership, who are not members of the Executive Committee, to serve on the Screening Committee for the upcoming year.
  1. Overseeing the functioning of the Executive Committee, the Board has the right to dismiss any Executive Committee member for behavior and commitment contrary to GSC objectives.
  2. The Secretary shall request for nominations to the EC and to the screening committee for the upcoming year through each member of the BOD. A deadline shall be set for receiving the nominations. The top eight nominees selected by majority shall be appointed to the EC and the top three members shall be appointed to the screening committee, with the remaining being held in reserve for casual vacancies that may arise.
  3. Any three or more members of the Board jointly, may call a special meeting of the Board to protect the spirit of the By-laws or handle special situation. Notice for such a meeting must be given at least one week in advance. For meetings, in case both the President and Vice President are absent, one of the three Board members may Presides over the Board Meeting.
  • Any decision of the Board be unanimous in the spirit of consensus or approved by at least 2/3rd of the representative present at the meeting.
  • Deciding on all issues not specifically covered by the By-laws/constitution.


  1. Executive Committee:


  1. Executive Committee (EC) shall consist of eight (8) members who will perform the duties of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Media and Public Relations Officer, and Assistant Media and Public Relations Officer.
  2. Assignment of duties shall be decided by the EC members themselves. The duties may be reassigned by the EC members among themselves during the term to improve the EC functioning.
  3. Each member of the EC shall be selected to serve a one-year term, no member may serve on EC in the same position for more than two consecutive terms. No one may serve on the EC for more than four consecutive terms. Board of Directors may extend (relax) this limit on terms for up to total of four terms, on a case-to-case basis.
  4. Responsibilities of the Executive Committee:
  5. Implement the policies and procedures established by the Board.
  6. Decide on all implementation matters keeping the activities within guidelines, scope, constraints, time frame, and budget as specified by the Board at the start of the activity.
  • Seek approval of the board for any changes to the scope, constraints, time frame, and/or Budgets.
  1. Hold at least one meeting (physically meeting or via a conference call etc.) a month and additional meetings as required. Presence of three members shall constitute a quorum. All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be by consensus (75% in favor). If consensus is not achieved at first, the parties with strongly opposing views be given a set time to develop a consensus and present it to the EC. In case a consensus is still not possible, at least three in favor will carry the decision.
  2. Any member absent from three consecutive Executive meetings without a valid reason shall be assumed to have resigned and replacement appointed by the rest of the Executive Committee members with approval of the Board.
  3. Form any Special function Committees, Sub Committees, Task forces, or any other subgroups to accomplish ongoing activities / tasks not included in Executive Committee responsibility and beyond the ability of the Executive Committee to handle. All such Committees, Task Forces or any other subgroups shall be directly responsible to the Executive Committee.
  • All individual activities / sub activities, their scope, constraints, and budget must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to action being taken by any of the EC Members, Committees / Task Forces, or any other Subgroups. Individuals, Committees, Task Forces, or any other subgroups carrying out the activity shall report the progress on a regular basis as defined at the time of assignment.
  • Overall income and expense must be in accordance with the budget approved by the Board.
  1. Any GSC EC member attending a non-GSC event must not express views or act in a manner that will bring the GSC into disrepute.
  2. Provide progress update to the Board via minutes of the EC meetings.
  3. Each EC member has the authority to coopt additional members to help them execute their responsibility with the approval of EC. Such coopted members, if invited to EC meetings, shall be non-voting at such meetings.


  1. The responsibilities for the members of the Executive are as follows:


  1. President
    1. Shall serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Global Sikh Council
    2. Preside over all Executive Committee meetings, Board Meetings and General Body Meetings.
    3. Serve as Ex-officio member of all the Committees / Sub Committees, Task forces and other groups.
    4. Shall insure smooth transfer of all the records and materials from the last EC to their successor EC.
  2. Vice President:
    1. Take over the responsibilities of the President in case of inability or absence of the latter.
    2. Perform activities as assigned by the Executive Committee.


    1. Keep Minutes of the Executive Committee, Board, and General Body meetings and provide copies of the same to the Board.
    2. Handle all communications on behalf of the Executive Committee, and General Body.
    3. Perform any duties assigned by the Executive Committee.
    4. Keep all records of minutes and all correspondence safely (like saving on Cloud) for later reference and to transfer to the successor Secretary.
    5. Keep a list of the records and materials to be transferred to the successor EC.
  1. Assistant Secretary:
    1. To share the responsibility of the Secretary as decided by the Executive Committee.
    2. To perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.
    3. Keep a copy of the list of the record and material to be transferred to the successor EC.
    1. Keep all financial accounts of the Global Sikh Council
    2. Solicit, Collect, and distribute funds on behalf of the corporation as authorized by the Executive Committee.
    3. Report the status of the finances (Actual Vs Budget and Actual Vs Last Year) at every Executive Committee meeting or as required.
    4. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee
    5. Maintain a register of members.
  3. Assistant Treasurer:
    1. To share the responsibility of the Treasurer as decided by the Executive Committee.
    2. Keep a copy of all the financial records kept by the Treasurer.
    3. To perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.
    1. Manage Website and its contents.
    2. Stay in touch with media regarding organizational activities.
    3. Issue Press Releases after they are approved by the President.
    4. Head a membership recruitment Committee
  • Assistant Media And Public Relations.
    1. Manage Website and its contents.
    2. Stay in touch with media regarding organizational activities.
    3. Issue Press Releases after they are approved by the President.
    4. Head a membership recruitment Committee


  1. Screening committee:

Responsibilities: Must screen every candidate based on the following criteria:

  • Must not have done anything/action against Sikhi or the objectives of GSC.
  • Must not have been convicted of any criminal offense considered unacceptable by the Board.
  • Must not be an elected or appointed member or office-bearer of any political party.
  • For advisors to the Board: Must have performed SEVA of the Sikh Community in some significant way.


  1. Individual GSC Representatives/Members:


  1. Any GSC Board member or EC Member may propose an individual as below for Board’s approval. The Board may take a decision on the proposed individual based on the report by the screening committee.
    1. Members of Excellence: Those individuals who have brought a good name to Sikh community in a recognized way at international level.
    2. Certificate of Appreciation: Those individuals who have served the Sikh community in a recognized way at National level.
  • GSC Patrons: A Sikh who have contributed at least $10,000.00 (US) or equivalent amount towards any one or more GSC projects or general fund.
  1. GSC Project Directors: For all those who are directing the efforts of some one or more GSC Project, in their area or Country.
  2. GSC Ambassadors: The ones who can represent GSC views in various media, TV debate, Newspapers, or online debates and to the perspective’s members. They will be expected to recruit new members into GSC in liason with Membership Committee.
  3. GSC Advisors to the Board: Past GSC EC Members and other individuals who have significant experience in similar service organizations. 
  • GSC Consultants: Those who have knowledge and experience and can provide expert advice for a specific project.
  1. These designations must be reviewed on at least yearly basis at the first Board meeting after the AGM.
  2. Among the responsibilities of these Individuals will be to help recruit local organizations as GSC Members and help establish local level functioning units for GSC projects.
  3. All designated Individuals will work with the GSC EC or establish local GSC Branch offices in their own countries / States / areas etc.


  1. Committees / Task Forces:

EC may appoint committees or task forces for various projects and tasks assigned by the Board.  All committees and task forces shall report to the EC.

  1. Communication:

In case the communication is by email and the response is requested by a specific deadline, only the responses received by that date will be accepted. Any member not responding by the requested date will be assumed that they agree.


  1. Disciplinary Action:

Any individual associated to be GSC in a defined capacity can be relieved of the said capacity by the General Body (by more than 80% majority) if the individual is convicted of any criminal offence or brings Sikhi (Sikh Faith) into disrepute by activities contrary to the GSC objectives and goals.

  1. Amendments:

These By-laws / Constitution may be further amended by the following process:

  1. Any member, EC, or the Board may propose amendments to the constitution by submitting a written request to the Secretary with a copy to the President.
  2. Secretary shall submit the proposed amendment(s) to the Board for their discussion at the next Board meetings.
  3. The proposed amendment(s) along with comments from the Board shall be distributed to the General Body members for their comments.
  4. The decision on the proposed amendment(s) will be taken at the next duly scheduled General Body meeting.


Download the GSC By-Laws in PDF format