Global Sikh Council confers award to Khalsa Aid International

Yesterday, on Friday 29th April 2022, the President of Global Sikh Council (GSC) Mr. Amritpal Singh Sachdeva visited the headquarters of Khalsa Aid International (UK) and presented a Certificate of Excellence award to Mr. Ravi Singh Khalsa. The session was live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook, with people from all over the world taking part.
Through the Zoom Session, GSC Chief Board Member Mr. Gulbarg Singh Basi (USA) and Secretary Mr. Gurpreet Singh GP (Bahrain) interacted with Mr. Ravi Singh Khalsa and wished him well.
The GSC conferred this honor on Khalsa Aid for its tireless and unparalleled services to humanity.
Both Mr. Ravi Singh, Khalsa Aid, and Mr. Amritpal Singh Sachdeva, President, of GSC, had a detailed discussion on various aspects of collaboration to work to uplift the poor and to spread the message of Gurbani in Punjab. Mr. Ravi Singh assured Khalsa Aid will always stand shoulder to shoulder with GSC wherever services are required for humanity.

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