COVID19 – Date 26th March, 2020

Given the current COVID19 pandemic that is impacting much of the world, the Global Sikh Council continues to urge everyone to take greater precautions at these times. GSC had earlier appealed to all Gurdwara managements to scale up precautionary measures at each of the Gurdwara.

Looking at the severity of this global crisis, GSC is further urging all Gurdwara managements to work closely with the local authorities to find the best possible ways to help the community in this hour of need.

One of the key pillars of Sikh faith is SEWA and Gurdwara’s have always been a place of refuge and help and this time of crisis should be no different. Sewa performed at Gurdwara is ever intended for the welfare of society and GSC strongly urges Gurdwara management all over the world to come forward and play this critical role.

GSC is encouraging, where possible, Gurdwaras to be used as a shelter for patients, makeshift hospitals. Meal services for patients and their families, langar services for medicines, and delivery of langar and other supplies to the needy and old people be actively organized and taken up by the gurdwara management committees with the help of sewadars in consultation with local authorities.

It is during such challenging times that we need each other the most and GSC is confident that these challenging times will pass and we will come out of this with more strength and faith in each other and love and care for fellow human beings will ultimately triumph.

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