Concept of Poojarivad in Sikhi

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Difference between Pujari and Preacher should be kept in mind.
Preacher normally preaches the philosophy of Gurmat, whereas Pujari is more inclined towards performing rituals. Rituals are not accepted in Gurmat.

  • Gurdwara Granthies have become Guru De Wazir (Pujari) like Brahmin Pujari as a Guru. These Sikh Pujaries, Granthies and Takht Jathedars have started giving punishment and excommunication to Sikhs, which should be discouraged. Sikhs should not accept such edicts of the Sikh Pujari.
  • Granthi’s role in our Gurdwaras should be to teach the message of Gurbani to the Sangat.
  • There should be Question-Answer sessions in the Gurdwaras, where common people are able to get clarification about any doubt regarding religion/Gurbani interpretation, in their mind.Gurdwaras should make it a point that whatever Gurbani is recited there, Sangat should be told the meaning or simple translation, simultaneously. Restore Gurdwaras to their original purpose i.e., institutes of learning and spiritual enlightenment.
  • People should read Gurbani themselves. Gurbani is the only tool to weed out all mal practices from Sikhi.
  • Sewadars should be well paid. Unless their minimum needs are met, they are tempted to spread manmat for getting petty financial gains, which includes performing Ardas for fulfilment of particular desires. Sikhs in general should learn Kirtan/Ardas/taking hukamnama from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This will reduce their dependency on Pujaris. In Gurdwaras, day to day services should be performed by Sangat. Every Sikh should become a preacher. Paid Sewadars should act as guide and a backup.
  • Sakhis not in line with Gurmat, should not be recited in Gurdwaras/homes. Efforts should be initiated to weed out such Sakhis.
  • To educate Sangat on message of Gurbani and keep them away from rituals, utilize all available platforms i.e., Home, social media, online classes, small videos, Gurdwaras, Sikh Societies and organizations etc. Encourage reading, understanding and application of Gurbani message among Sikh masses, especially youth.
  • Sangat (Gurdwara membership) must select the Educated (with the knowledge of message of Gurbani) Sikhs to manage the affairs of Gurdwaras and education of youth.
  • Most of the Gurdwaras, including the Takhats are indulging in too many ritual practices. For common Sikhs, it becomes a source of inspiration to follow these practices.
  • Parents should become role models for their children. Children start getting attached to rituals when they see their parents’ performing rituals. Every Sikh should become a part of continuous struggle to weed out practices not in line with philosophy of our Gurus.
  • Libraries should be set up in Gurdwaras to spread knowledge among sangat.
    * An apex Sikh institution should be set up at international level, which can lead/guide the community in the light of Gurbani.
  • Younger generation should be given representation in Gurdwara managements.



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