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Friday, October 1, 2021

The discussion today was to focus on the Gaps identified as a result of the observations however it went back and forth between observations, gaps, and approach.

Of course, lack of appropriate home environment and absence of good opportunities to learn values at the Gurduara Sahibs is brought up in multiple ways.

For anyone to be interested in Sikhi, they asking for the benefits of being a Sikh to them and may be to society. The answers must be age appropriate.

One major new point brought up was to start with teaching the Sikhi way of life, the habits of a SACHIAR person and then introduce the audience to the source, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bani.

A few other points like providing help to people so they can become self-sufficient over continuous emphasis on langer and fancier Gurduara buildings. Recognize change in culture and language of the audience.

Major agreement on use of appropriate media / social media to attract the attention of the intended audience.


Observations Shared :

  1. Most cases, family environment is not living Sikhi ,not even half way.
  2. Most Gurduara Sahibs are not successfully inculcating the message Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  3. Most Bhai Sahibs at Gurduara Sahibs are ill-trained and unable to communicate with the Congregation (SANGAT).
  4. Culture and environment have changed from where and when we grew up, and approach to teaching to our children needs to change accordingly. (Language, media)
  5. The Youth do not know the value of being a Sikh. Only accept views based on logic.
  6. Information available on the Web/google hardly answers questions directly, and is mostly misleading and adulterated.
  7. The youth is shying away from dress code and hence from Sikhi. Sikhi Saroop and Sikhi philosophy are separate.
  8. Sikh children are taught to perform activity rather than understand.
  9. The media used need to be updated/modernized.
  10. External Influences / distortion of Gurbani message is taking youth away from Sikhi.
  11. The emphasis has changed from spirituality/Value system to economics/money.
  12. Level of Education in Sikh Schools is below desired levels.
  13. Availability of Sikhi information in other languages.

Gaps identified:

  1. Inadequate Sikhi environment at home where parents are poor role models to develop SIKHI VALUES in children.
  2. Gurdwaras and Sikh Institutions failing to educate Sikh Sangat on basic principles of SIKHI.
  3. Lack of availability of correct and real information on spiritual philosophy of SGGS on media.
  4. Lack of such information in simple language and short format interesting media.

Proposed actions:

  1. What is Sikhi to us.
  2. Benefit of Sikhi to them.   
  3. A freestanding effort, with and without Gurduaras,
  4. Define a project to address these gaps,
  5. Project to be implemented in phases/steps one at a time. i.e. not all aspects at one time.

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