The Global Sikh Council Certificates and Awards Program

The Global Sikh Council Certificates and Awards Program

This program seeks to recognize Sikhs who have demonstrated active and distinguished service to the community. The purpose of the awards is to recognise those hardworking and innovative Sikhs who give large amounts of their time and energy to the development of our community.

Most importantly, to say ‘Thank You’ to those who have served or continue to serve the community; To promote one of the most important tenets of Sikh philosophy – selfless service; and to ensure that the growing needs of the community are met These awards provide a mechanism for recognising individuals/organisations and promoting them as role models; not only to encourage them, but also to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

It is important to understand the intent of these awards that these are not motivated by anything but recognition of those who selflessly contribute to the community.  Given that there are many individuals and organisations within the Sikh community itself working tirelessly for one cause or the other, it is impossible to award every one.  In this situation, it is proposed that once nominations are received, as per the rules laid out in this document, the Judging Panel will make an unbiased and final decision.

We could provide awards for Service to the Sikh Community, Service to the wider Community, Lifetime Achievement, and Youth

These awards could be given to an individual/organisation in appreciation of significant and innovative contribution in community service to address a particular community welfare need in the Sikh community; to an individual or organisation from within the Sikh Community for exceptional service in the wider global community; an individual who has provided outstanding service over an extended period of time; to recognise the valuable role of our youth.

General Eligibility Criteria

Anyone may make a nomination but no self nominations will be accepted. Individuals or groups may be nominated


Judging will be undertaken by a 5 member panel appointed by the GSC executive whose assessment of each nomination will be bound by the judging criteria. The decision of the judging panel is final and all nominators and nominees must acknowledge and accept this fact.

The judging panel may give consideration to one or more of the following:

Continuing and significant commitment to community service as reflected in participation in programs and initiatives which are responsive to community and social needs;

The extent to which their service may be considered noteworthy and the length and degree of their service;

The degree to which their service has made lasting or meaningful contributions to the community;

The extent to which the service may be considered above and beyond the call of duty;

The extent to which their community service is recognised by their peers, the Sikh Community or the wider community


Nominations must be made by a member organisation. You may attach supporting documentation. Please supply copies certified by a Justice of Peace or equivalent authority.

Nomination forms should be sent to Secretary, Global Sikh Council.

Information Required:

Nominating Organisation:

Individual completing the nomination, Position, Address, Daytime Contact Number:

Name of Nominee, Address of Nominee, Daytime Contact of Nominee:

Describe in detail the community service undertaken by the nominee and
In what ways is their service noteworthy?

Detail the timeframe, length and degree of your nominee’s community service:

Describe any lasting or meaningful contribution their community service has made:

Describe any acknowledgement/recognition of their contribution by the Sikh/wider community
why are you nominating them?

Please provide details of two references who may be contacted to support the nomination the
Reference, Name, Tel:, Email:

In what capacity do they know the nominee?