• Centennial Celebration of Unrestricted Entry of Dalits in Golden Temple
    It was 12 October 1920 when some enlightened Sikhs, Khalsa College teachers, and students supported a group of so-called untouchable Dalits seeking unrestricted entry into the Durbar Sahib Amritsar to offer ‘Prashad’ there. Dalits gathered under the banner of ‘Khalsa Biradari’ forced their way into the Sikh shrine which triggered historical changes in Sikh religious […]
  • GSC welcomes Reverend Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
    GSC President Gurpreet Singh, accompanied by GSC V President Harpreet Kaur met Reverend Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at Akal Takht, Amritsar, Punjab India.GSC honored Archibishop Welby and presented him with a historical painting and Sikh Coins.
  • GSC President in debate over DGI Punjab Dinkar Gupta.
  • Hindustan Times
    Hygiene is important at all places of Worship says GSC President Gurpreet Singh gives his statement to Hindustan Times
  • Covid19
    GSC President Speaks to Living Media on Covid 19
    GSC Codemns attack on Afghan Sikhs – Statement by GSC President, S Gurpreet Singh
  • Global Sikh Council President speaks on the last Rites of the dead after Corona Virus.
  • Evils of Caste System among Sikhs – interview
    Global Sikh Council, President Gurpreet Singh speaks to Akal Channel on Evils of Caste System among Sikhs.
  • Seminar: Evils of Caste System in Sikh Society
    The Original THE GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL Registered No. 14069804 in Atlanta, USA, since 2014 invites you all to participate in ZOOM Meeting on “Evils of Caste System in Sikh Society”.Date 18th July 2020Time: 17:00 PM IST Mumbai / Delhi Join Zoom Meeting:… Meeting ID: 675 590 9491Password: 3rQlqXSpeakers interested to express their views, Contact: Secretary […]
  • Bring all Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan in one go
    Gurpreet Singh, Global Sikh Council President demands bring all Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan in one go.
  • Sikh intellectuals today condemned an Amritsar-based Satkar Committee for forcibly removing of ‘Bir’
    Snatching of ‘Bir’ from an Amritdhari Sikh Condemnable: Sikh Vichar Manch Chandigarh, 11 Aug (2020) Sikh intellectuals today condemned an Amritsar-based Satkar Committee for forcibly removing of ‘Bir’ (copy of Sikh scripture) from the residence of a retired Khalsa College principal yesterday saying that it was not a religious but an intolerant Brahmanic priestly act. […]
  • How faith-based orgs are supporting communities during #COVID19
    Inspired by Faith leaders & faith-based orgs: how they’re supporting communities during #COVID19 from relief efforts in rural areas to sharing accurate information about Coronavirus, & most of all, how they’re putting respect, humanity & compassion at the of the response. Gurpreet Singh, President Global Sikh Council was one of the main speakers in the […]
  • Bir removed from Khalsa College former principal’s home
  • Sikhism – Universal Religion
    Respected members: All our efforts are devoted to defining a Sikh based on appearance.  Why can’t anyone who is born in a sikh family be called a “SIKH” without any labels unless he/she abandons the religion of their parents?  Leave Sahajdhari and Amritdhari/initiated as a specific category that we all know what it is.  Because of our […]
  • Maran Munsa Sura Haq Hai, jo hoi Maran Parwano.
    The art of Living is the art of dying. A Sikh Perspective During a social gathering when one person recited the above couplet, the thought enclosed in it hit me hard. It was mesmerising, immersing, dissolving. I transited from being somebody to nobody. Ignorance that had locked me inside till eternity, gave way to a […]
  • Nikiyan Jindiyan. Wada Karye.- Saka Srihind
    The second installment of supreme sacrifice – younger sons of G Gobind Singh – S Jorawar Singh and S Fateh Singh aged 9 and 7 years old along with their grandma – Mata Gujri Ji is some hours away from now. Let’s revisit that space – two young boys who have been deliberately famished by […]
  • Wisdom of Guru Nanak
    Guru Granth Sahib; Sikh holy book starts with a letter, a word that carries all the wisdom of the world. It starts with ‘EK’ – ‘ONE’ and then follows with Onkar, Satnaam and so on. EK or ONE is a keyword that signifies and means we all are one, we are one with the GOD […]