• Sikhism – Universal Religion
    Respected members: All our efforts are devoted to defining a Sikh based on appearance.  Why can’t anyone who is born in a sikh family be called a “SIKH” without any labels unless he/she abandons the religion of their parents?  Leave Sahajdhari and Amritdhari/initiated as a specific category that we all know what it is.  Because of our […]
  • Maran Munsa Sura Haq Hai, jo hoi Maran Parwano.
    The art of Living is the art of dying. A Sikh Perspective During a social gathering when one person recited the above couplet, the thought enclosed in it hit me hard. It was mesmerising, immersing, dissolving. I transited from being somebody to nobody. Ignorance that had locked me inside till eternity, gave way to a […]
  • Nikiyan Jindiyan. Wada Karye.- Saka Srihind
    The second installment of supreme sacrifice – younger sons of G Gobind Singh – S Jorawar Singh and S Fateh Singh aged 9 and 7 years old along with their grandma – Mata Gujri Ji is some hours away from now. Let’s revisit that space – two young boys who have been deliberately famished by […]
  • Wisdom of Guru Nanak
    Guru Granth Sahib; Sikh holy book starts with a letter, a word that carries all the wisdom of the world. It starts with ‘EK’ – ‘ONE’ and then follows with Onkar, Satnaam and so on. EK or ONE is a keyword that signifies and means we all are one, we are one with the GOD […]