Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh


With the Grace of Almighty Waheguru, the Global Sikh Council’s Annual

General Body Meeting was held from the 24th until 26th March 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This AGM was hosted under the aegis of Malaysian Gurdawara Council (MGC), the umbrella body for more than 100 Gurdawaras in Malaysia and chaired by Mr. Jagir Singh President MGC, along with Mr. Gulbarg Singh Bassi President Global Sikh Council (GSC) and Lady Dr. Mrs. Kanwaljit Kaur Vice President GSC.

While welcoming the invitees Mr. Jagir Singh said, it is a great honour for MGC to host the GSC’s, AGM in Kuala Lumpur and assured MGC’s full support to GSC and its activities and make the conference successful.

The Conference was flagged off, after performing the traditional Ardas in presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, with a petition by all participants to unitedly work for the welfare of the Panth and the whole humanity.

GSC is an international Sikh organisation registered in the USA and it’s maiden meeting was held in 2014 in Australia, followed by in the UK and France.

The GSC’s membership is open to all national Sikh organizations world wide which are run and governed, independently by Sikhs without any inter-ference of any governmental agencies under or dictatorship of individuals.
GSC is proud to have new 3 Member countries viz. Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh, thus increasing its membership to 18 countries.

The prominent personalities like Lord Indarjit Singh UK, Sikh historians, academicians and intellectuals are associated with organisation and are offering their voluntary services for the progress of GSC.

The main Aims and objectives of the GSC are as follows:

– Promotion of Guru Granth Sahib ji, as the living Guru of the Sikhs.
– Abide by the Sikh Rehat Maryada of 1945
– Represent Sikh interest’s world wide
– Represent issues relating to Sikhs and Sikh religion at the United Nations and
– Assisting grass root groups in preparing literature on Sikhism.

The GSC’s Agenda or Plan of Action is, “One Granth, One Panth and One Rehat Maryada” and shall do its best to achieve this set Goal.

After relieving the out going team of its responsibilities’, the AGM elected a new team of office bearers. Sikhism teaches and practices gender equality, keeping this in mind, all AGM members unanimously elected President Lady Singh –Dr. Kanwaljit Kaur to lead an international Sikh organisation that is still in infant stage.

Lady Dr. Mrs. Kanwaljit Kaur is the wife of Dr. Indarjit Singh, founder, Director of Network of Sikh Organizations (NSO) UK, and a House of Lord cross bench life peer carrying the title of The Lord Singh of Wimbledon CBE.

The other elected officials are Ajmer Singh (Australia) as Vice President, Gurdeep Singh Kundan (Switzerland) as Secretary, Harcharan Singh (Malaysia) as Joint Secretary and Gurpreet Singh (India) responsible for Media and Public Relations and Gulbarg Singh Bassi as Executive committee member.

The newly elected team appreciated the hard work done by the outgoing President Mr. Gulbarg Singh Bassi and his team in bringing GSC from “Ground Zero to this Stage.” It is not an easy task to launch an international organisation, especially a Sikh organisation, as there are various hurdles and oppositions faced both internally as well as externally.

The first Sikh lawmaker, in the Punjab State Assembly, Pakistan, Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora also participated in the meeting. In his short address to the delegates he said “In Pakistan, we are following the original Nanakshahi calendar released in 2003. And he added PSGPCs shall fully support and cooperate with GSC and invites GSC to hold its next AGM in Pakistan.”

On Saturday, GSC organised a one-day conference and prominent scholars presented papers on various topics, ranging from Gurbani, Sikh Parchaar and challenges facing Sikhs and Sikh organisations world wide.

Gurpreet Singh from Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Chandigarh spoke about ‘SGPC: Its actual and assumed role’, Dr Davinder Singh Chahal presented his paper via Skype on ‘Pronunciation of Sikhi Logo’, Lecturer Gurbans Singh spoke on the dilution of original Sikh symbol “Ek Onkar” and whereas, Dr S.S. Sidhu from Malaysia spoke on ‘Sikhi: Inclusive or Exclusive’.

Other prominent speakers included Balwinder Singh ‘Sagar’ from Gurmat Parsar Sewa Society (Regd) spoke on ‘Discussion on Streamlining of Gurmat Parchar’, Jagir Singh, President MGC on ‘History, authority and subjugation of Takhts’ and Col. (Rtd) Manmohan Singh from India on ‘Efforts to undermine Sikh philosophy starting from Guru Sahib times’.

All delegates highlighted the importance of a Global Platform wherein Sikhs world wide can express their views and exchange opinions and deliberate on issues relating to the development of the Sikhs and Sikh Religion.

Guru Fateh and Chardi Kala

Gurdeep Singh Kundan
Secretary GSC
Contact +41 79 352 4159 / Email: gskundan1@yahoo.com