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Global Sikh Council

About Us:

Global Sikh Council represents collective Views of the Sikhs on Global Issues, developed through collaboration. The Gola is to serve the Sikhs worldwide through National Level Sikh Organizations with no interference in the internal functioning of member organizations.

Founding Members are:
Australia: National Council of Australia,
CANADA: Federation of Sikh Societies of CANADA
PAKISTAN: Pakistan Sikh Council
MALAYSIA: Malaysia Gurdwara Council,
United Kingdom: Network of Sikh Organizations – UK
United States of America: World Sikh Council – America Region

Global Sikh Council – History

Information on GSC:

On February 28-March 1, 2014 Representatives from Australia, Thailand, UK and US met for the initial meeting with Internet to form a Global level Sikh Organization in Sydney, Australia.  The name Global Sikh Council Inc. was selected after careful consideration of about ten difference names. Understanding reached included good foundation of the Constitution / By-laws.

The minutes of the meeting are included below:

  1. Objective:

To represent collective views of Sikhs on global issues developed through collaboration.

  1. Goals:

To serve Sikhs worldwide though a global organization of national level Sikh organizations with no interference in the internal functioning of member organizations.

  1. Vision:

Recognized as the Voice of Sikhs across the world.

  1. Mission:

To achieve the vision through collaboration of national level Sikh organizations.

  1. Membership:
  2. Is open to all National level Sikh organizations registered in their own countries and are membership managed and whose membership satisfy the following:
  1. Whose membership is open to all Sikhs satisfying their membership criteria,
  2. Organization is managed by their local membership (as opposed to being controlled by DERAS or limited number of individuals)

(There is an agreement on the intent of this paragraph but the wording is still to be improved at a later time)

  1. In case there are more than one national level Sikh organizations in any one country that qualify the above criteria, they all can become members but can name only two representatives per country to the general body
  2. (It was decided not to discuss/include definition of a SIKH for Global Sikh Organization (GSC) purposes, only need to think about decision on which organization would be eligible to become member of GSC)
  3. Only one organization per country can be a member of GSC
  4. An organization representing a country may apply to become a member by submitting a completed application to the GSC executive committee (EC)
  5. The applicant organization may become a member after their application is approved by the board of directors (BOD).
  6. General Body:
  7. The general body shall consist of the TWO (2) representatives per member country, nominated by the member organizations.

(Note:  The population based representation was delayed till it is needed specially in case of India)

  1. Each country represented has two votes. Any decision is decided upon by the majority votes of 80% or higher
  2. Annual general body meeting to be held around the month of May
  3. General Body shall select Board of Directors for the functioning of the Organization
  4. Until general body consists of under 15 member countries, all countries will be represented in the Board. Once there are more than fifteen (15) member countries, the number is capped at fifteen (15).
  5. Board of Directors:
  6. Board of Directors (BOD) shall consist of fifteen (15) members, one each from different countries. (This means until there are more than 15 countries, all countries will have one representative on the BOD.
  7. The term of service for each person selected to serve on the BOD shall be a three year
  8. No member may serve on the BOD for more than two consecutive terms without a three (3) year break in between.
  9. Each year five (5) members completing their term will retire from the BOD and the same number selected to keep the total number of fifteen (15).
  10. BOD shall select five (5) individuals from among its members to serve on the Executive Committee (EC) for the upcoming year. No member may be selected consecutively more than two times.
  11. Responsibilities of the BOD will be as commonly performed by the BOD of such organizations and will be detailed at a later date
  12. Executive Committee:
  13. Executive Committee (EC) shall consist of five (5) members who will perform the duties of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and the Treasurer as normally understood for these positions.
  14. Assignment of the duties are decided by the EC members among themselves
  15. Each member of the EC shall be selected to serve a one year term, No member may serve on EC for more than two consecutive years without a break of at least one year.
  16. Committees:

Various committees can be appointed by the BOD for specific tasks/projects.  All committees shall report to the EC.

  1. Name of Organization:

The name for this organization is selected to be, “Global Sikh Council Inc.” (note: the LLC, Ltd. Or INC. etc. are legal requirements for registration of the organization and “Inc.” appears to be most appropriate)

  1. Role or Sikh organization:
  2. To support, advocacy and platform to connect the global Sikhs
  3. To issue position statements on the issues concerning the community
  4. Finances
  5. Membership Fee (for Operational Expenses, such as web costs, stationery etc.)
    1. Initial:
      1. For US, CA, UK = equivalent of US$1000.00
      2. All other Nations: Equivalent of US$200.00
    2. Annual: Nil (manage your own expenses) – this may be changed by GSC if circumstances change
  6. Project Fee
    1. Based on Project Budget each country to contribute proportionately to the use of project outcome.
    2. Supplemented by Collections
    3. Excess goes to operational accounts
  7. Minimum balance in operational expenses account: Each country to keep a balance at least in the amount of their initial fee to carry out both operational and projects expenses
  8. General Body Meetings:
    1. The host country (for meetings etc.) is responsible for hosting the meeting
    2. Each country sending their representatives to the GB meeting shall arrange for their travel expenses
    3. Registration:
  9. The GSC is to be Registered in the US
  10. Legal issues (specifically relating to finances) are to be investigated
  11. Legal sub-entities, if needed:

If the need be, each member National Organization may register a chapter of GSC in their own country.

  1. Start of Functioning:

The four countries represented at the meeting and Malaysia have up to three months to indicate their acceptance to join the Global Sikh Council.  As soon as their decision is received the Global Sikh Council shall start its functioning with whichever countries have joined by that time.

GSC – Constitution

Adopted constitution of Global Sikh Council.

150801_GSC Constitution_By-laws

GSC Meetings & Minutes